[sane-devel] Compiling sane-backends CVS 2003/10/22 on OS/2

Franz Bakan Franz Bakan" <fbakan@gmx.net
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:06:05 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Gerhard,	

>> 1. sane-backends\include\sane/sanei_thread.h
>> line 108
>> static int ...
>>  has to be changed to
>> static void ...
>No, why do you think so? 

A). because otherwise I get errors in avision.c and mustek.c
    there this function is defined static void.
B). the function has no return value so it should be void
    (But I'm not an expert, I might be wrong with this).

>> sane-backends\backend/hp-handle.c
>Should be fixed (AFAIK will be fixed) by Peter Kirchgessner...
>I can send you a fixed file also for testing, but as it's not my backend I
>won't fix it in CVS...

OK, I'll wait for an updated CVS

>> 3. plustek_pp
>Oh yeah, this is my stuff...
>I have already a fixed version on my box, but not yet checked in, maybe
>this evening...


>> 4. saned.c
>Can you provide a fix for that?

Don't know, I will try. OS/2 has no IP_6...