[sane-devel] Medion MD9850: scan range & noise probs?

Wolfgang Fabics wolfgang.fabics@chello.at
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 12:34:31 +0100

Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

> Maybe it's just backtracking? I.e. the scanner is too fast for the
> parallel port. Does the scan head stop shortly when the noise occurs?
> Or does it even move backe some milimeters?

Hmmm... hard to say, the steps are very small, ofc. It doesn't move
back. I'd say that it... uh... hesitates in a way (maybe sometimes stops
for a split-second) *after* 2 or 3 consecutive "clanks". I.e. the step
rate remains the same but the steps get smaller for a while (you canhear
that by the synchronous "uk-uk-uk-.." sound of the stepping motor). It
definitely doesn't stop *at* a "clank", anyway.

The result is that if it "clanks" at a certain line of scanned text, the
image is vertically stretched a bit at that line.

I tried all combos of EPP/ECP on the parport, with both EPP 1.7 and 1.9.
No change. May I ask a silly question here? How can a 1998 scanner that
was designed for a 1998 parallel port be too fast for a 2003 AthlonXP
1400's parallel port? Any other settings I should try? Sorry, but I'm
really clueless on those scanner things, as you might have noticed
already ;-)

Would you consider that backtracking thing sort of an acceptable (if not
normal) mode of operation? I mean, that noise is *really* loud... but if
you think it's by all means not related to any SW/driver issues, I'll
stop bugging you with this. After all, I am well aware that this is not
the Medion helpdesk ;-)