[sane-devel] (No Subject)

abel deuring a.deuring at satzbau-gmbh.de
Sun Sep 28 16:09:55 BST 2003

Barton Bosch wrote:

> >> ohci1394: pci_module_init failed
> >
> >That's related to Firewire stuff; it probably does affects ypur scanner
> >problem.
> I'm sorry, could you clarify your meaning here?  1394 is the tip off that it is firewire related, but are you saying that this module failure does or does not affect my scanner situation?  I was assuming that it would not but was puzzled that it popped up at all, seeing as how there is no firewire port on my computer.

Ouch. Omitting a "not" is one of my favourite mistakes. I should read a
mail more carefully before sending it. As Henning already guessed, I
meant that the message from the ohci1394 should _not_ affect the scanner

> This is a scanner that I bought at a thrift store, so I do not know what kind of shape it is in.  I did manage to scan one document on my previous Red Hat installation right after I got the scanner.  As I remember, without using a terminator, and with the scsi id switch set to 7, I plugged it into the SCSI card and booted the system -- the scsi host adapter card recognized 7 instances of the scanner, and I configured them all in Kudzu, the Red Hat autoconfiguration lizard.

Using the SCSI 7 will in most cases cause a mess: Every device on a SCSI
bus, including the host computer, needs a unique ID, and the host has by
default the ID 7. That could be the cause of some of your problems.


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