[sane-devel] Problem with HP4200C

ebennet ebennet at onetel.net.uk
Sat Sep 27 17:55:46 BST 2003


I have just installed SUSE 8.2 on my Dell Inspiron 7000. All has gone well apart from my HP4200C scanner.

Reading the mails on your site I see that I am not alone in this problem. The symptoms of my failure are very similar, but not quite the same as others report.

Installation with YaST has recognised the existence of a scanner device and put an icon on the desktop.

The command: sane-find-scanner produces the response:

"found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0, product=0x0107) at libsub:001:003

found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0, product=0x0105) at libsub:001:004

A USB device was detected. This program can't be sure if it's really a scanner. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage."

Running scanimage -L results in:     "No scanners were identified."

Running YaST for the scanner identifies it as the scanner correctly as HP-4200C. If I select from the menu that it should be installed as Hewlett-packard Scanjet 4200c with SANE driver hp4200. Then selecting install produces an error message: "The scanner configuration was not successful." I have tried variations such as selecting a generic scanner - all without success.

Determined not to be so easily defeated I have located and tried, via the SANE site, the following:

1     backend-0.2-p1.tar.gz     This unpacks to produce what appear to be a useful set of drivers for the HP4200, but no instructions on how to apply them.

2     sane-backends-1.0.8-hp4200-0.3.patch.gz

3     sane_hp4200-1.0.3-2mdk.i586.rpm and sane_hp4200-devel-1.0.3-2mdk.i586.rpm

Neither of 2 or 3 can I install using YaST. Both give me an error message: error loading package.

I have run out of ideas on where to go next. SUSE response is not us guv.

Are there any pearls of wisdom that might help me?

Eddie Bennet
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