[sane-devel] Easier-than-Xsane to use "druid" for gnome?

Brian J. Murrell brian@interlinx.bc.ca
Sun, 04 Apr 2004 13:54:01 -0400

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I just spent a couple of hours with mom helping her understand how to
use Xsane to scan images (to her Gnome desktop) and then e-mail them
(using Yahoo mail -- Evolution on her desktop would have been better

It seems to me that this should be easier for non-geek types to do.  She
got confused about the difference between sanning to the viewer and
scanning to a file and choosing a filename and so on and so forth.

A desktop (i.e. gnome) step by step druid would be nice. Something that
prompted the user along the way to choosing a scanner, getting a
preview, assisting them with setting the scan area to getting it onto
their desktop and asking if there is anything more they would like to
scan and doing it all over again.

Xsane appears to have most of everything needed for a Gnome druid of
this sort.  I wonder how much work it would be to massaging it to be a
druid.  There is so much overlap (or rather little extra needed for a
druid) that it could be a single executable with multiple personalities
(i.e. based on argv[0] or a command line switch perhaps).



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Brian J. Murrell

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