[sane-devel] sane-find-scanner and mustek parallel port devices

Eddy De Greef degreef@imec.be
Sat, 10 Apr 2004 21:14:17 +0200

On 06-04-04 20:24:53 Jochen Eisinger wrote:
> I just wrote a short patch to sane-find-scanner which detects mustek
> parallel port devices. With sanei_pa4s2 it's possible to get a list  
> of possible ports. All the patch does is trying to open those ports  
> using the sanei_pa4s2 - the sanei_pa4s2 contains the whole low-level  
> stuff, so no device dependant code is included in sane-find-scanner.
> In order to avoid problems with parallel port printers or other
> hardware if no scanner is present, you have to give the switch -p to
> sane-find-scanner if you want your scanner detected.
> Example:
> # sane-find-scanner -p -q
> found possible Mustek parallel port scanner at "parport0"
> Any comments on this?

It looks good.
I'm all for including it (but I may be a bit prejudiced :-).
Maybe other pp scanners can be detected in a similar way.

Best regards,