[sane-devel] hp officejet support

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter@gmx.net
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 20:23:01 +0000

HPOJ is not given up. There will be done bigger changes on its 
architecture to support more functionality than currently. Therefore 
there is a longer time without releases.

HPIJS is only a filter to convert PostScript (with the help of 
GhostScript) to PCL or LIDIL. It has nothing to do with bringing the 
machine into USB packet mode, telling that the following data is a print 
job, and so on.

You probably mis-interpreted the last announcements by HP. They told 
that David Paschal is not working on the HPOJ development any more and 
therefore the HPIJS team has overtaken resonsability on the HPOJ 
project. This does not mean that HPIJS should overtake any functionality 
of HPOJ or that HPOJ's tasks should go under the responsability of SANE. 
HPIJS will stay a print filter and HPOJ will stay responsable for the 
scanning and memory card reading part of HP's MF devices.


Fetka Mario wrote:
> how about bringing back the officejet support to the hp backend
> now that printing on OJ is managed by th hpijs driver there is no need for
> an extra package for scanning (hpoj not maintained since 0.91)
> only a suggestion 
> wfg
> Mario