[sane-devel] lamp going off on scanning pass - scans all black

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Sun, 18 Apr 2004 10:38:09 +0200


On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 03:56:18PM -0400, John Youells wrote:
> I have an old hpIIcx  running on  gentoo linux with a 2.6.5  kernel .  
> In order to keep either a Symbios 825a or  BT-930 from timing out and 
> reseting I have changed line 283 in sanei_scsi to :
> static int sane_scsicmd_timeout = 7200;  and then with these options set 

The default is 120 seconds. That's not enough for one single SCSI
command? What is the scanner doing during that time?

You can also change the SCSI timeout by setting the environment
variable "SANE_SCSICMD_TIMEOUT=720".

If it worked before and if it's neither a sane-backends nor a kernel
issue the only reminaing source can be the hardware. Does the scanner
really work with other operating systems? Have you changed the SCSI

Concerning testing kernels: Also try older kernels (e.g. 2.4.21). If
there were a bug in e.g. 2.6.4 it may have been backported to later