[sane-devel] 2.6 and sane

Jago Pearce jago25_98@catholic.org
Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:37:32 +0100

Where's the docs!?

The kernel module I had to load no longer exists. I have an Acer USB 
scanner. Do I need to load a module at all any more?

"scan-image -L" as root doesn't list any scanners even though it's listed in 

Thanks for any help, if I can get this working lets add the info to the FAQ.

Thank you for your time. (Please Type "REPLY:" in subject field if you wish 
to highlight your response, thx).  jago25_98@catholic.org is just my email 
provider of choice, that's all; I agree with thier policies over email.

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