[sane-devel] Mustek BearPaw 4800TA ProII scanner

Cosmin Pop popc@RIS.CA
Tue, 20 Apr 2004 03:13:38 -0600

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  I contacted Tom Wang from Mustek asking him if I can release the SANE
backend under a GPL license. Here is the relevant part of his answer: "It is
ok to get the commands for the ASIC from source code. You can release the
SANE backend with GPL." So, it's OK, I can do it.
  I also attach the result from sane-find-scanner -v -v. The relevant part
is this:

<device descriptor of 0x055f/0x040a at 002:002 (Hewlett-Packard.
USB2.0 Scanner            )>
bLength               18
bDescriptorType       1
bcdUSB                2.00
bDeviceClass          0
bDeviceSubClass       0
bDeviceProtocol       0
bMaxPacketSize0       64
idVendor              0x055F
idProduct             0x040A
bcdDevice             1.00
iManufacturer         1 (Hewlett-Packard.        )
iProduct              2 (USB2.0 Scanner            )
iSerialNumber         0 ()
bNumConfigurations    1
 <configuration 0>
 bLength              9
 bDescriptorType      2
 wTotalLength         39
 bNumInterfaces       1
 bConfigurationValue  1
 iConfiguration       0 ()
 bmAttributes         192 (Self-powered)
 MaxPower             100 mA
  <interface 0>
   <altsetting 0>
   bLength            9
   bDescriptorType    4
   bInterfaceNumber   0
   bAlternateSetting  0
   bNumEndpoints      3
   bInterfaceClass    255
   bInterfaceSubClass 255
   bInterfaceProtocol 255
   iInterface         0 ()
    <endpoint 0>
    bLength           7
    bDescriptorType   5
    bEndpointAddress  0x01 (out 0x01)
    bmAttributes      2 (bulk)
    wMaxPacketSize    64
    bInterval         0 ms
    bRefresh          0
    bSynchAddress     0
    <endpoint 1>
    bLength           7
    bDescriptorType   5
    bEndpointAddress  0x82 (in 0x02)
    bmAttributes      2 (bulk)
     wMaxPacketSize    64
    bInterval         0 ms
    bRefresh          0
    bSynchAddress     0
    <endpoint 2>
    bLength           7
    bDescriptorType   5
    bEndpointAddress  0x83 (in 0x03)
    bmAttributes      3 (interrupt)
    wMaxPacketSize    1
    bInterval         3 ms
    bRefresh          0
    bSynchAddress     0 

  As for the error I get, description follows. If you look in the
attachement, you'll see these lines:

    checking for SQ-1113 ...
    this is not a SQ-1113 (Error during bulk write) 

  Yeah, I put SQ1113, but maybe I'll change it later... when I'll know the
chip for sure. Not important right now. The error I get is "Error during
bulk write". This happens during the call to usb_bulk_write. The definition
of this function is something like usb_bulk_write(libusb_handle,
bulk_out_ep, *buffer, size, libusb_timeout). It's easy to figure out what
libusb_handle and libusb_timeout stand for. I presume size is the size of
*buffer, but I don't know for sure few other things:
  - what should I put in bulk_out_ep? Should I put 0x82 (bEndpointAddress
for endpoint 1)? It says "bEndpointAddress  0x82 (in 0x02)", it's "in", so I
presume it's for writing. And "bEndpointAddress  0x01 (out 0x01)" would be
for reading. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  - what should be the length of *buffer? I presume it's chip specific, do I
have to try different settings? As for the values that I should send, I'm
out of ideas. Maybe I should wait the sources from Tom Wang for this.
  I will set up a web site as soon as I have some free time. This way, I can
keep you informed about my progress. If it's not finished until Friday, then
I'll do it in the week-end. My wife will be upset (again!), but that's life

Thank you

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