[sane-devel] Allow all users access to /proc/bus/usb without hotplug?

Jago Pearce jago25_98@catholic.org
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 13:44:10 +0100

How do I for-go hotplug and allow all users access to /proc/bus/usb 

(I can't get hotplug working - it drives me nuts anyway)

I don't have anything in /etc/fstab. Adding a usbfs line makes no 

I'm running Gentoo. It may have it's own methods, I'm not sure.

Thank you for your time. (Please Type "REPLY:" in subject field if you wish 
to highlight your response, thx).  jago25_98@catholic.org is just my email 
provider of choice, that's all; I agree with thier policies over email.

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