[sane-devel] XSane-0.93 released

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
28 Apr 2004 22:09:46 +0200


I just released xsane-0.93 with gimp-2.0.x support.

You can download it from


PLEASE: use a mirror!!!

Much fun.


      * added ranlib to lib/Makefile.in to process liblib.a
      * added 2 calls xsane_find_best_resolution() in
        xsane_resolution_widget_new() to make sure that active value
        really is selectable in a list of resolutions
      * added range values 9-25% to scaling list of xsane-viewer: 9, 13,
        18, 25, 35, 50, 71, 100, 141, 200, 282, 400
      * when no docviewer is defined at xsane startup (generally when
        xsane is started the first time) then xsane tries to read the
        environment variable $BROWSER, if this fails it sets docviewer
        to netscape.
      * xsane-preferences.c: mail dependant entries are only used when
        mail is activated
      * replaced label HAVE_LIBGIMP_GIMP_H by HAVE_ANY_GIMP,
        HAVE_ANY_GIMP is defined in configure.in when HAVE_GIMP=yes
      * added HAVE_GIMP_2 parts to xsane.c, xsane.h and xsane-save.c
        HAVE_GIMP_2 is defined by configure.in when GIMP-2.0 was found
      * created subdirectory m4 and put self written macros from
        aclocal.m4 to m4/*.m4, copied gtk.m4, gtk-2.0.m4 and gimp-2.0.m4
        from aclocal installation to m4 subdirectory, gimp-orauch.m4
        contains a modified gimp.m4 that also can handle gimp-1.0.x (the
        original script only does work when gimptool is installed,
        gimp-1.0.x comes without it) a new aclocal.m4 can be created
        with "aclocal -I m4/."
      * configure.in: changed AM_FUNC_ALLOCA to AC_FUNC_ALLOCA
      * configure.in + src/xsane.c: changed PACKAGE_VERSION to
        XSANE_PACKAGE_VERSION because PACKAGE_VERSION did not work any
        more, looks like a new feature of aclocal or autoconf
      * updated translations: de, it, da, cs, nl, es, sk, ro, fr
      * po/Makefile.in: added test for msgfmt, gmsgfmt, gencat