[sane-devel] Including the NIASH Backend...

Ullrich Sigwanz us@bernafon.ch
Tue, 3 Aug 2004 09:44:40 +0200

Hello Gerhard,
The "testtool" is only provided to test the niash backend code, outside the
scope of SANE to minimized risk of spoiling the system setup. 
There is no need to include it in the SANE sources. 
It will be still available at our sourceforge homepage (we will keep the
SANE sources and the "sourceforge code" in synch).

Thank you for taking care



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Hi Ullrich,

thanks for your tests - I will add the backend code ASAP and 
mark you in the AUTHORS file as current maintainer.
I'll also put a comment to the .desc file, that ony color scans
are supported.
What about this testtool - will it be needed?
If there is still some ongoing development (which hopefully is ;-)
should get write access to the repository to do the necessary
changes on your own...


On Tuesday 03 August 2004 08:35, Ullrich Sigwanz wrote:
> Hello Henning, Hello Gerhard
> I (developer of in the niash project - ullsig ) tested Gerhard's changes
> source code.
> I substituted "our" files by Gerhard's files. Our testtool as well as a
> freshly patched sane tree compiled and worked fine.
> The changes can be approved.
> Here is a short status summary of the project:
> All 4 supported Scanners ( HP ScanJet 3300C, 3400C, 4300C and Agfa
> Touch ) now work reasonably well as forum posts show
> Only color scans are supported
> The only transfer method is via "libusb". libieee1284-support and
> scanner-kernel-module-support are completely abandoned
> The scanner buttons, the LED-control, and the LCD-Display are not an issue
> of this driver, yet, though they could be in future
> Regards
> Ullrich