[sane-devel] HP 3970 scanner on Fedora Core 2?

JKD JKD@JKDSoft.cjb.net
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 17:58:52 +0200

Hello Steven,

May be I can answer the first and the second question.

As you can see in the following url, HP 3970 scanner is not supported at all.

There isn't any code for this scanner's chip (RTS8822-01) and as I can
see, it's functionability is a bit different from Realtek RTS8801B chip,
used in other scanners:

Unofficially, I've started to study this scanner two months ago, debugging
instruction by instruction the library that manages the scanner in windows
system (hpgt3970.dll). It's a very slow proccess. I don't know how much
time will I spend before releasing a functional demo program.

Main functions in that library are:
HP_OP_INIT_SCANNER : Debugged and implemented succesfully.
RT_OP_SET_PARAMETER: Debugged an implemented succesfully.
RT_OP_START_SCAN   : Already debugging.
RT_OP_READ_IMAGE   : Not debugged

Sincerelly, JKD

P.D.: I apologize about my english level

El Tue, 24 de Aug de 2004, a las 09:33:11PM -0500, Steven P. Ulrick dijo:
> Hello, Everyone :)
> I just downloaded the entire archives of this mailing list, and I found
> a few references to the HP 3970 scanner, but none that answered my
> questions.  I have a few questions:
> 1. Will the HP 3970 work with Fedora Core 2 at all?
> 2. If it will work, but not with full functionality, what functionality
> would it lack?
> 3. If the HP 3970 will not work with Fedora Core 2 at all, what scanner
> would you reccomend at the HP 3970's price range - approximately $100
> USD.  USB 2 would be nice, but not required.
> Thank you in advance for your help :)
> Steven P. Ulrick
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