[sane-devel] Good ADF Scanner for Linux/SANE?

Ed Suominen general@eepatents.com
Sat, 28 Aug 2004 13:12:15 -0700

OK, I've googled and shopped, and hunted around on this mailing list and
others. I've seen answers to this probable FAQ going back 5 years, but what
I've found has me still wondering:

What are some good options (are there any?) for a good ADF (sheetfed)
scanner for my Linux box? I need to be able to dump a stack of papers into
the ADF, hit scan in xsane, and get a PDF or TIFF of the results. I'm
willing to spend hundreds for that, but not thousands.

I don't really want an inkjet-printer all-in-one (e.g., the cheaper HP stuff) 
I'm much less interested in inkjet printing than in fast, reliable sheetfed 
scanning. A laser all-in-one that actually worked well for scanning would be 
fine, though, even at twice the price of the scanner alone.