[sane-devel] xsane: segmentation fault

René Rebe rene@exactcode.de
Sun, 05 Dec 2004 02:59:24 +0100


Martin Deppe wrote:
> Thanks a lot,
> this sounds great, but I guess I will sleep now and pick it up tomorrow 
> morning then.
> And just a question: what does ADF mean?

Automatic Document Feed, a device either plugged on or integrated into 
the scanner to automatically transport the sheets of paper from some 
stack thru the scanner.

Most probably not of interest for you (no idea if there is a ADF unit 
for your 6240), but I'm just rewriting a lot of code in my driver to be 
able to handle all sorts of duplex feeders that scan the front and rear 
side of the paper at the same time and I can not release the driver in 
the state it is right now - needs an hour of debugging and then some 
tests with non ADF non Duplex scanners on my desk ...

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