[sane-devel] problems with HP 7450c

Marcus Hufgard (Kalkwerk Hufgard GmbH) Marcus.Hufgard@hufgard.de
Tue, 07 Dec 2004 09:34:18 +0100


Rene Rebe schrieb:

> Hi,
> Marcus Hufgard (Kalkwerk Hufgard GmbH) wrote:
> ...
> All the verbose stuff you posted is of no use, since I do not know 
> what my backend gets. Again, I can only diagnose the problem with 
> s.th. like:
> SANE_DEBUG_AVISION=7 scanimage -L

Sorry, but this brings no debug information.

Butt .... the scanner works!!!! :-)))) 

After that i had no debug information i want to build sane without the 
--enable-optimization config option. While configure i see that 
scsi/sg.h could not be found. After instalation of the newest kernel 
headers and recompile of sane, it works creat!!!!

Thanks for your help!

> Also: Do you run as root or normal user? Maybe it is just a access 
> permission problem?
I minimal question do i have:

The debug of sane-avision brings on the user hufgardm:

[avision] attach: (Version: 1.0 Build: 114)
[avision] attach: using interrupt transfers for status reads.
[avision] attach: opening libusb:001:003
[avision] attach: open failed (Access to resource has been denied)

hufgardm has complete access rights to /dev/usb/...

on wich file must my user have access to use sane without problems?

By and thanks for your help.