[sane-devel] need firmware file for epson perfection 2480

Peter Garrone pgarrone@acay.com.au
Wed, 8 Dec 2004 22:56:09 +1100

 I need the esfw41.bin firmware file for the epson perfection 2480 scanner.

 It does not appear to exist as an independent file on the cdrom.
 I tried installing the software on a windows xp machine, but couldnt
 find it, probably because lacking administrative rights, one of the 
 components (EPSCAN I think) failed to install so perhaps it was in there.

 Epson email support seems to be fairly clueless.

 Previous posters have suggested it is downloadable from the epson us site,
 but I cannot find it.

 If anyone can help, much appreciated.

 Thanks in advance.