[sane-devel] DImage Scan Dual III

Rene Rebe rene@exactcode.de
Sat, 11 Dec 2004 05:34:14 +0100


thanks for your report.

Ken Harris wrote:

> I have a Minolta DImage Scan Dual III that I used on my Mac, and I was
> wondering what would be needed to get it working under Linux.  As you
> may recall, Gary Wong posted a preliminary report a while back[1] about
> trying to get it working -- with some work, he could make it scan a
> slide at low resolution, but without calibration or focus.  (It uses a
> variant of the Avision driver.)

Well "variant"? It does use the Avision driver ... It basically just 
injects the proper ID ;-)

The bulk status read is implemented the right way (tm) in the backend in 
the meantime:


Just place those files in your sane-backend-1.0.15/backend directory and 
recompile. (I just added the ID, so just try to run it without any edit)

Please report success. And if error happens provide the log of:

SANE_DEBUG_AVISION=7 program 2> minolta.log

Where program can be anything you prefer like scaniamge, xscanimage, ...

> Sadly, I don't really have time to work on this, either.  But I figured
> I should pass along the patches, in case somebody else wants to take a
> crack at it.  As I said, I'm no expert at SANE or Linux USB, so about
> all I'm good for is testing stuff to see if it works or not.

You do not need much time, as long as you can provide some DEBUG_... 
logs we should get it working quite soon.

> Actually, I'm good for one other thing: I can install Windows, and run
> one of those USB-sniffer programs while scanning a slide.  So if having
> a complete log of what the Windows driver does while scanning a slide
> (in USB-sniffer pseudocode) would be helpful, I can do that.
> (Including, of course, the image that it generates.)

If bigger problems arise this might come handy. So far trying the latest 
backend version from my Subversion repository is enough.

Btw. There is a dedicated SANE/Avision homepage:


And since yesterday a dedicated mailing list:


PS: Please always CC the backend author, mails to the list might be 
overlooked during high workload ...

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