[sane-devel] DImage Scan Dual III

Ken Harris ken@bitpoetry.com
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 19:22:10 -0800

Hi SANE people,

I have a Minolta DImage Scan Dual III that I used on my Mac, and I was
wondering what would be needed to get it working under Linux.  As you
may recall, Gary Wong posted a preliminary report a while back[1] about
trying to get it working -- with some work, he could make it scan a
slide at low resolution, but without calibration or focus.  (It uses a
variant of the Avision driver.)

He didn't have time to work on it -- perfectly understandable -- so he
let it slide (no pun intended).  I emailed him and he was nice enough to
send me what he'd done to the avision.c file.  From that, I diff'd it to
the stock 1.0.13 file, to come up with his patch[2].  I could compile
it, but couldn't make it do anything.  (I've never set up any scanner
under SANE, and my knowledge of Linux USB and SANE is rather sparse, so
this wasn't surprising.)

I did manage to make a slightly improved patch[3] (but it hasn't been

Sadly, I don't really have time to work on this, either.  But I figured
I should pass along the patches, in case somebody else wants to take a
crack at it.  As I said, I'm no expert at SANE or Linux USB, so about
all I'm good for is testing stuff to see if it works or not.

Actually, I'm good for one other thing: I can install Windows, and run
one of those USB-sniffer programs while scanning a slide.  So if having
a complete log of what the Windows driver does while scanning a slide
(in USB-sniffer pseudocode) would be helpful, I can do that.
(Including, of course, the image that it generates.)

I'm putting everything I have on my webpage[4].  Do what you will with
this information.  :-)

- Ken

[2]: http://bitpoetry.com/programs/sane-scan-dual-iii/gw-patch.diff
[3]: http://bitpoetry.com/programs/sane-scan-dual-iii/kh-patch.diff
[4]: http://bitpoetry.com/programs/sane-scan-dual-iii/