[sane-devel] USB HP Scanjet 6200C & Kernel 2.6.9 Woes

Martin Deppe Martin.Deppe@web.de
Mon, 20 Dec 2004 17:38:01 +0100

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Hi Susan,

I had a look into your fstab and compared it with mine. Maybe you like 
to try the different versions of lines I put into the attached file. Let 
me know what it results in, Ok?

Good luck

Susan Keil wrote:

>Some clues/symptoms to my problem:
>Alternating runs of scanimage -L find and don't find
>my USB scanner. 
>I think alternating runs of sane-troubleshoot also
>find and don't find my scanner.
>Today's log file generated by the tool
>sane-troubleshoot is attached.
>Sometimes the sane-troubleshoot program dies with a
>Segmentation Fault.  It starts up again seemingly
>The last time I ran sane-troubleshoot, it actually got
>as far as trying to do a test scan.  The scanner made
>some noises.  As I understand it, the final error was
>"Error during device I/O"  sane-troubleshoot "thinks"
>this is a backend bug ... or a bug in
>I believe I have the most recent everything recently
>installed on my machine.
>I've also attached my /etc/fstab as I fear that may be
>somehow wrong.
>Please let me hear your suggestions for how I can get
>my scanner set up properly.
>Kind Regards,

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proc	/proc	proc	defaults 0 0
usbfs	/proc/bus/usb	usbfs	noauto 0 0