[sane-devel] Boeder SmartScan Slim Edition on SuSE

m. allan noah anoah@pfeiffer.edu
Thu, 12 Feb 2004 13:42:21 -0500 (EST)

> > 4. the libusb header files are in /usr/include/usb.h and friends. these
> > enable you to BUILD apps that use libusb support.
> Nothing returned from ls /usr/include | grep usb

this is why you are unable to build sane with libusb support. the libusb 
header files are not installed on your machine.

if you had built libusb from source, your would have those files. since 
you installed libusb from rpm, you must have only gotten the binaries. 
usually, this is because there is another rpm, like libusb-devel that 
contains the header files.

you could try building libusb from source, look on your suse cds for the 
devel package, or try to install a devel package from another linux distro 
with the same libusb version number.

the first is recommended.


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