[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 3670...

Adrian Perez Jorge adrianpj@users.sourceforge.net
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:08:31 +0000


  1. Is there any usbsnoopy log published on-line in the Internet for 
the HP3670 and/or HP2400 models?

  2. Preview scan will be enough for a initial analysis.  Does the 
scanner work after the preview scan then using usbsnoopy?

  3. You said you dont' receive anything in the log, but does the 
scanning software reveice any image?

  4. Does the scanner head move?

  Thanks in advance.

Adrian P.J.

Mickael Profeta wrote:

> Hi,
> Sanjay.Chigurupati@lntinfotech.com has a HP scanjet 2400 and it seems 
> to be the same driver.
> After the mail of mancio_and@libero.it we just received, I think I am 
> the last one to try to write a driver for this scanner :( If I forget 
> someone just send an e-mail...
> Personnaly, I just defend my PhD and due to that I had no time to go 
> on with this driver, but now i will have much time and I am still very 
> interested to do it.
> I tried to ask HP for some technical doc but with no results... if you 
> want to try...
> I tried to log the usb transaction under windows, bur unfortunately I 
> can only log the beginning of the transaction... I don't receive 
> anything in the log after the preview scan :(
> So as you can see we are at the very beginning of this job, but if you 
> are interested I will be very very happy to collaborate.
> Do not hesitate to e-mail me, and we can start a more robust project 
> to lead to this driver if you want...
> Sincerely
> Mike
> Christian Josefsson wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm a Computer Science student, which has come to the point of writing
>> my Master Thesis. Since I'm interested in systems programming and Linux
>> and in the posession of a unsupported scanner, namely hp scanjet 3670,
>> I've concidered writing a driver for that scanner as part of my Thesis
>> (the thesis would also contain other investigations ...).
>> But since there appears to be some activity going on in writing a driver
>> for the scanjet 3670 I would like to hear, how far you have come, and 
>> if it would be feasible for one more person trying to write the 
>> driver...
>> However in case the driver is already close to finished and/or there 
>> already are enough developers aiming at the same driver, I'd stop 
>> pursuing this
>> idea and instead find myself another subject for my Thesis.
>> Kind regards
>> // Christian