[sane-devel] (resend) how to undo saved working directory?

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 23:01:53 +0100

You can change the working directory in the menu
preferences->change direcotry

XSane always uses the working directory that is listed in the xsane.rc fi=
When there is no xsane.rc file or there is no working directory listed in=
xsane.rc file then xsane uses the recent working directory.

xsane always saves the selected working direcotry line to the xsane.rc fi=
when xsane exits.


Am Samstag, 24. Januar 2004 04:59 schrieb Robert M. Riches Jr.:
> (Apologies if this gets posted twice.  I made the mistake of
> subscribing an email address that is a forwarding service,
> so I can't send from that address, so postings are blocked
> for moderator review.  Apologies in advance if I make any
> more breaches of list etiquette.)
> When using the version of xsane that comes with Red Hat
> Linux 9, which claims to be xsane-0.89, I find an
> interesting feature.  Now, xsane remembers the "working
> directory" from some earlier session and puts all the files
> from --save mode there, rather than the _real_ working
> directory where I'm working today.  I realize most
> GUI-oriented users probably want all their image files
> stored in one directory, and they start xsane from their
> Gnome or KDE menus.  However, when I'm working in directory
> Z and bring up xsane from the command line while in
> directory Z, I want xsane to put the files in directory Z.
> Tomorrow, I will be in another directory, and I want xsane
> put the files there.
> I found the "working directory" file squirreled away in file
> ~/.sane/xsane/xsane.rc, lines 5 and 6.  A quick wrapper
> script in Perl could update the file to reflect the
> directory from which I'm invoking xsane.  That would be much
> easier than hacking the source code to the program to change
> this unwelcome-to-me feature.
> Is there a better and/or easier way to get xsane to use the
> current working directory from which it is invoked?
> Thanks.
> Robert Riches
> rm.riches@verizon.net