[sane-devel] OT: Equivalent software to PaperPort etc. for Win

Stephen Liu satimis@icare.com.hk
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:33:25 +0800

  Hi all folks,

I am using SANE for scanning on Linux.

I have been searching for a software from Open Source running on 
Linux/Unix equivalent to PaperPort/PageMaker/OmniPage/BZ.Doc of BiziSoft 
etc. for Win.  They are graphic editing software with database 
integrated. They have a platform/table to retain scanned documents 
visually and combine them as a file which can be saved in many formats.  
Each page inside the file can be rearranged, i.e. page-1 can be 
re-inserted as page-13, etc. and all pages will be re-numbered 
automatically thereafter.  The pages can be editted both graphically or 

They have a powerful database to search documents on their titiles or 
contents.  The database can be update at night at a pre-fixed time.  The 
documents can be OCR.

To my understanding any graphic editing software on Linux with Plugin 
for scanner such as GIMP can do the job.  But the operation would not be 
so simple and handy.

Any advice???


Stephen Liu