[sane-devel] (resend) how to undo saved working directory?

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
Mon, 26 Jan 2004 19:38:25 +0100

Hello Robert,

The problem is that different people like different behaviours.
I added the working directory options because a lot of people
asked for it. You are the first one who asked for the old behaviour
since I changed it so I think it is not of general interest.

I suggest you wirte a script or patch the sourcecoud yourself.
When I add options to change the behavior this makes the
program more complex and so I prefer to keep it as it is.

Best regards

Am Montag, 26. Januar 2004 02:31 schrieb Robert M. Riches Jr.:
> > From: Oliver Rauch <Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE>
> > Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 23:01:53 +0100
> >
> > You can change the working directory in the menu
> > preferences->change direcotry
> >
> > XSane always uses the working directory that is listed in the xsane.r=
> > file. When there is no xsane.rc file or there is no working directory
> > listed in the xsane.rc file then xsane uses the recent working direct=
> >
> > xsane always saves the selected working direcotry line to the xsane.r=
> > file when xsane exits.
> Thank you for pointing out the path to the working directory
> menu item.  I had searched under preferences->setup->save
> and had missed the obvious at the bottom of the menu.
> So, let's say on Monday I'm working in directory A and use
> the menu item to have xsane put files there.  Then, on
> Tuesday, I have an xterm in directory B and start up xsane
> from that xterm, so that the xsane process's cwd (current
> working directory) from the OS is B.  Xsane will put the
> files in A, where I was on Monday (unless I go through the
> menu to tell xsane information it already has)?  I would say
> that's undesirable behavior for any user other than ones
> whose world revolves around "My Documents".  I, for one,
> liked the older (circa 0.84) behavior on this point.
> What is the potential for an RFE or patch submission for a
> command line option or environment variable to allow the
> user to control whether xsane uses the OS's cwd vs. the
> directory saved in the xsanerc file from the previous
> session?  (I'm about 50% for minor enhancement patch
> submissions to other programs: one accept, one reject, one
> accept with modifications.)
> Or, should I just write a quick Perl wrapper script to
> modify the xsanerc file before invoking the real xsane?
> Thanks.
> Robert Riches
> rm.riches@verizon.net