[sane-devel] niash:libusb:002:005 failed: Device busy

Christophe de Livois baudelet@ensta.org
Mon, 7 Jun 2004 23:20:38 +0200


My HP scanjet 3400C scanner works well with a 2.4.2X kernel but I can't h=
ave it
working on a 2.6.3 kernel (root or not, whatever the permisions of
/proc/usb/002/005 are).
Here are the messages that I get. Do you have any clues for me?

chris@home:~$ scanimage
scanimage: open of device niash:libusb:002:005 failed: Device busy

chris@home:~$ scanimage -L
device `niash:libusb:002:005' is a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3400C flatbed =

chris@home:~$ strace scanimage 2>&1| grep -A5 -B5 busy
close(38)                               =3D 0
munmap(0x40789000, 4096)                =3D 0
open("/proc/bus/usb/002/005", O_RDWR)   =3D 38
ioctl(38, USBDEVFS_SETCONFIGURATION, 0xbfffe704) =3D -1 ETIMEDOUT (Connec=
timed out)
close(38)                               =3D 0
write(2, "scanimage: open of device niash:"..., 67scanimage: open of devi=
niash:libusb:002:005 failed: Device busy
) =3D 67
munmap(0x401d5000, 1348000)             =3D 0
munmap(0x4032d000, 503648)              =3D 0
munmap(0x403af000, 75136)               =3D 0
munmap(0x403a8000, 27524)               =3D 0

chris@home:~$ lsmod | grep hcd
ehci_hcd               22532  0
ohci_hcd               17412  0
usbcore                94044  5 ehci_hcd,hid,ohci_hcd

Thanks a lot,