[sane-devel] niash:libusb:002:005 failed: Device busy

Ullrich Sigwanz us@bernafon.ch
Tue, 8 Jun 2004 09:04:51 +0200

Hi Chris,

You must compile the kernel to solve the problem.
The NIASH00019 chips return an old string-length-descriptor and the kernel
code cannot handle this 
symptom any longer, alas.

I posted several times to the guys who wrote the linux usb code, 
to revert a change they did when trading the 2.4 code into 2.6
They are successfully refusing.

There is a statement in the kernel-sources in the file 
drivers/usb/core/messages.c (about line 1200)
which reads


when you change this to


your 3400C will work again .

but as I sayed, the kernel must be compiled.

Perhaps you can also mail to linux-usb-devel? The more, the better.

Good luck