[sane-devel] Question About Mustek 600CP scanner on Suse 9.1

Jochen Eisinger jochen@penguin-breeder.org
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 17:10:24 +0200


Neal Gamradt wrote:
> [sanei_pa4s2] pa4s2_readbyte_nib: reading value 0xa5
> from 'parport0'
> [...]
> [sanei_pa4s2] pa4s2_readbyte_nib: reading value 0x00
> from 'parport0'

the backend gets the correct value first, but later the scanner only
returns the wrong value 0x00. To me this looks like the scanner got
confused or something.

Eddy, could you have a look at this?

kind regards
-- jochen