[sane-devel] strange rattle in epson 610 with 2.6.7 kernel

Kees Lemmens C.W.J.Lemmens@its.tudelft.nl
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 09:47:15 +0200


I have an Epson Perfection 610 which worked fine for 2 years with 2.2.x
and 2.4.x.

Today I compiled 2.6.7 and now it suddenly produces strange and alarming
sounds after the scan is finished and it returns to initial position.

I thought the scanner failed, but after rebooting in 2.4.26 it works 
fine again, so I am afraid it must be something in the 2.6.x kernel 
combined with the sane 1.0.12 backend that I use (the one provided with 
Slackware 9.1).

Any suggestions ? Should I just install the latest backend or is it
something else ?

Kees Lemmens.
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