[sane-devel] Visioneer Strobe XP100 (need help)

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 08:27:26 +0100


I remember a few weeks ago one request upon this scanner, but after
some mail the contact get lost...
I'm pretty sure, that you won't get any answer from Visioneer :-(

On Sunday 29 February 2004 23:04, G. Naik wrote:
> Gerhard,
> > I think it's not possible simply to copy the Canon profile. To make it
> > work, you need to know the register settings i.e master clock setting.
> > For this sheet-fed device also some more changes in the code
> > are necessary to make the feeding stuff work...
> I am going to contact Visioneer and see if I can get any information
> from them.  According to SANE's website, not one Visioneer scanner is
> supported.  I'm afraid the company may not be too helpful.
> > The problem is, that we need to know how the motor is controlled and
> > the correct register settings. You might try and snoop at the USB
> > traffic between the scanner and Windoze...
> Tomorrow afterrnoon, I'll get some USB traces using USB Snoopy.  Would
> you be able to help me decode them?

Of course, no problem, when I find some time. One thing you can also check
are the entries in the Windoze registry (check for scanner and or Visioneer)
or in the scanners' installation directory for some .ini files which at least
for the LM983x based devices contain register setting information.


> Thanks
> gn