[sane-devel] Problems with libusb and Snapscan 1236U (maybe similar to others): USB dump

D. Winkler winkler@skynet-it.de
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 22:33:51 +0100

Hello to all,

> > is there any way for a backend to tell what the current status of the 
> > toggle is, before closing the connection?
> With libusb? I don't think so. But counting packets works fine. I've
> implemented it in the mustek_usb backend now and (at least for me)
> there are no more timeouts.

Mh, is this easily portable to the snapscan backend? Can I do this on my
own with your patches or who do I need to contact ... ?

Questions from a Newbie here
Daniel Winkler