[sane-devel] minor: libusb not recognized

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 19:03:58 +0200


On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 06:49:19PM +0000, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> > libusb and it's header file must be present when configure is run.
> > Usually the missing header file causes that trouble.
> yes, but that's very confusing.

Really? I think that's the default behaviour for optional libraries.

> better introduce a --enable-libusb configure option, which will check for 
> libusb and aborts with an error message when libusb is not found.

As an optional feature, this may be useful. But by default, the
current behaviour should stay the same IMHO.

Please send a patch.

> we also should have a clear modeling of optional features and 
> dependencies, since this would make the life of packager's much easier.

Can you give some more details, please?

> btw: the current libusb is broken - it's libfiles' names are missing .so.

Which current libusb?