[sane-devel] Problems compiling on RH9 with gimp2

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Tue, 11 May 2004 21:43:44 +0200


On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 02:56:22PM +0200, Laurent-jan Dullaart wrote:
> I am trying to upgrade to gimp2. I installed everything from RPM's, except 
> sane and xsane.

At least sane-frontends can be compiled with gimp 2.0 support using
the the Debian sid gimp without any problems. I haven't tried xsane.

> sane-frontends cannot be compiled; configure complains: 
> gimp.h not found. 
> The RPM from Gimp.org puts it in: /usr/include/gimp-2.0/libgimp/gimp.h

"gimptool --cflags" should just list that directory. 
Maybe you also need an installation of "pkg-config"? Can you show us
the output of "configure", please?

> checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.0.0
> /usr/lib/libfontconfig.so.1: undefined reference to `FT_Get_BDF_Property'
> This could be a fontconfig-problem, but all he RPM's installed without 
> problem.

Or it's a similar problem as either gimptool hasn't provided the
correct libraries or pkg-config didn't work.

I'm not sure if gimp requires pkg-config. If not, I guess we must
update our configure scrips. This happens without pkg-config:

checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.0.0... no
*** A new enough version of pkg-config was not found.
*** See http://pkgconfig.sourceforge.net
configure: WARNING: *** GIMP 2.0 plugin requested, but GTK+ 2.0 not
found, falling back to GIMP/GTK+ < 2.0 if possible ***
checking for gtk-config... no