[sane-devel] Epson Perfection 1650 -- cranks

Frederic Detienne fd@cisco.com
Wed, 26 May 2004 17:43:43 +0200


Sorry if this was posted before but I can't find any information in the

I have an Epson Perfection 1650 and run the following software:
- Linux 2.6.7_rc1
- sane-backends 1.0.14
- sane-frontends 1.0.12
- xsane 0.93
- libusb 0.1.8

The reason I run Linux 2.6.7_rc1 is that previous Linux releases (2.6.5
-> 2.6.6 included) caused USB bulk transfer errors, making the scanner
useless (would scan a few centimeters and then hang). This Kernel
release does not have that problem.

The problem I am now facing is somewhat different:

If I scan a whole color page at, say 75DPI, the scan happens in a single
shot. The "shuttle" (the moving piece with the light on it) passes
smoothly along the glass all the way through from top to bottom and then
returns to its base location to the top of the scanner.

If I now scan at high resolutions (say 300DPI), the shuttle stops and
start at regular interval while the scanner sends the excess data to the
computer. This looks normal. I can get the full image without a problem.

The problem is that in kernel 2.6.7_rc1, the shuttle does not go back to
the parking location. Instead, it hangs on the return path approximately
at mid height of the glass. At the moment of the hang, the scanner makes
a high frequency mechanical noise (like slipping rubber).

The scanner has to be power cycled to force the shuttle back to its
parking position. If you do not do that, the next scan will attempt to
make the shuttle go past the bottom edge. Bad noise; won't try again... 
not with _my_ scanner at least.

Well, I _presume_ this is a kernel issue since 2.6.3_rc3 behaved well
but I figured you'd like to know in case this is a new feature and not a
bug. Also, you are better placed to tell the kernel folks about the
issue since I have no idea how sane tells the scanner to park (atomic
unacknowledged command, set of commands, ...).

So: can someone tell me where to turn next and what to ask for ?

thanks a bunch,