[sane-devel] Fujitsu backend questions

Mattias Kregert mattias@kregert.se
Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:53:14 +0100

Hello list,

I have some questions about my fujitsu FI-4120C... (using the fujitsu =

- The scanner lamp is always on. From what I have heard, that is a Bad =
Thing because it will shorten the lamp's lifetime... If this is correct, =
then how can I turn off the lamp? Is there some magic hidden command to =
do that?

- Is there some way to make the scanner recognize the physical papersize =
and scan only that size? Right now I have to select between A4 / A5 =
paper format... If i use A4 then i know that the whole paper will always =
be scanned.. but if i scan a lot of A5 then i want to scan only A5 =
because it it twice as fast as A4.... now when i mix A4 and the smaller =
A5, I have to change settings all the time...   If I use adfscan then I =
have to set it to A4 (the largest format) but then i loose a lot of =
speed... A 'papersize=3Dauto' feature would be nice... is there some way =
to do this with the current backend?