[sane-devel] [RFC][PATCHES] adding MD5345/MD6471 to genesys backend

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Thu, 25 Nov 2004 08:35:27 +0100

Hi Stef,

On Thursday 25 November 2004 07:06, svoltz@wanadoo.fr wrote:
> 	Hello,
> 	here are as set of patches that add the MEDION MD5345/MD6228/MD6471
> to the experimental genesys backend.

great, it's good to see, that there's some wip.

> 	The first patch adds on ly the new model so that it can be
> detected: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/septieme/MD6471/00_add_md5345.patch
> I think it is OK to check in, but I'd wish other people working on the
> genesys backend to have a look first.

One comment, you're introducing DAC_WOLFSON_5345 - why? The settings are the
same as for the ST24. Probably they're using the same Wolfson-DAC. I think
it's not necessary to define DAC_WOLFSON_5345 - I'll change it back to
DAC_WOLFSON_ST24 (in the device settings) and apply the patch to CVS - if this
is okay for you.

> 	The second http://perso.wanadoo.fr/septieme/MD6471/01_misc_fixes.patch
> contains would be fixes in registers init:
> 	- memset regs so that we are sure that unset registers are zeroed
> 	- disable gamma in R05, since we don't use it yet
> 	- init R06

should be okay.

>  	The third 
> 	http://perso.wanadoo.fr/septieme/MD6471/02_add_gpo_struct.patch
> adds a Genesy_Gpo struct to manage GPO differences between models, in the same
> way that Genesys_Sensor does for sensor.

Okay - good idea.

> 	BTW, I have a few questions to ask:
> 	- does writting 0x00 to R0e is enough to reset the ASIC ? The MD6471
> 	  driver writes 0x01.
> 	- as anyone allready thought of how to handle the differences between
> 	  the motors ?

Hmmmm, the problem is, that at least you need to figure out the various
parameters for your motor. I don't think, that the MOTOR_GEAR is the only one
to tweak. I think it's necessary to figure out how to get the necessary parameters
out of the USB-logs. Futhermore I think the function we currently have needs some
cleanup - think of the overwritten parameters...
I'm planning to do some more work on that during the next days.

> 	- and last, what is the start point for y_offset_calib and 
> 	  x_offset_mark ? I disassembled the scanner and I know where 
> 	  they are placed, but I need to translate it into useful values.
I don't know :(