[sane-devel] using Epson 2480 Photo with sane

Gert Ahrens gert.ahrens@datahighways.de
Sun, 28 Nov 2004 10:21:44 +0100

Hi Julien, Hi list,

before I make a donation, let me explain why I write you such a stuff.
>>I wanted to compile with libraries in /usr/local/lib64.<<
I am not a programmer only writer off bash-scripts and web technics and so 
much the worse I am 40 years old. ;-) So I am missing any basic of IT so as 
The only think I now is to get out of Win$. :-]
Before I tryed to compile sane I had a look at SuSE's 
sane-1.0.13-55.x86_64.rpm and what can I see?
So my opinion was: "I must definitly get my libraries in /usr/local/lib64" to 
take effect.
If I understand you correct, programmers must build all libraries new to work 
on a 64 bit system. How can SuSE install the libraries in /usr/lib64? Have 
they changed your configure script or your makefile to do so and why? Isn't 
it a joke?

> ...who think sizeof(int) == sizeof(long) while we're at it ;)
I fail to see what you mean.

Best regards