[sane-devel] using Epson 2480 Photo with sane

Julien BLACHE jb@jblache.org
Sat, 27 Nov 2004 17:39:32 +0100

Gert Ahrens <gert.ahrens@datahighways.de> wrote:

> one's more thank's a lot. My scanner has now access every time. I try to 
> reconstruct to steps. My greatest mistake was that I wanted to compile with 
> libraries in /usr/local/lib64. This plan is definitely not successfull to me, 
> anyway not if I use the --libdir=/usr/local/lib64 option of configure. My 
> libraries are in /usr/local/lib located now. Do you really have a option to 
> compile with lib64 directory. I mean strictly is my solution not correct.
> What is your opinion to this fact?

The opinion tends to become that lib64 is ugly, and Linux is a free
system, so let's just make the amd64 arch run 64bit binaries as we
can just build everything in 64 bit mode. (and happily LART people
who think sizeof(int) == sizeof(long) while we're at it ;)

Yes, there are proprietary applications that are 32bit. Yes, those
people have to adapt and offer 64bit binaries too. They'll have to,

Using 32 bit binaries (only) on amd64 looks like you've just bought
the wrong processor for what you wanted to do :)


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