[sane-devel] is coolscan2 maintained?

Major A andras@users.sourceforge.net
Wed, 6 Oct 2004 23:41:03 +0100

> I am trying to get in touch with the coolscan2 backend author but I got
> no replies neither to private emails, neither in this list.
> I even checked that his last commit is dated january 2003, so I am
> wondering if he is still working at this project.

Sorry for not replying, I've had a busy time at work. I'm maintaining
coolscan2, but I need help with a few things. Here's the list of the
most important tasks still to be done:

- get LS50 and LS5000 to work, maybe LS9000 too.

- fix frame offset on LS4000 (should be easy, I just haven't had the
  time yet).

- add multiscan for those models that support it.

- fix positioning with LS8000.

I tried to get the first point done a few times, but it has proved a
bit difficult with no direct access to a scanner. If anyone could work
out what needs to be done, I'd be happy to incorporate it into the
code. Same goes for all other tasks. Since I have an LS4000, I'll
probably do points 2 and 3 myself.

With respect to all points above except multiscanning, there is no
more information that I can find in the Nikon specs that could
help. These things have to be solved via reverse engineering (looking
at logs).

Please do NOT contact me privately. If you have a question, please
post it on the list, I subscribe to it, and even if I don't reply,
someone else might help you.