[sane-devel] is coolscan2 maintained?

Giuseppe Sacco eppesuig@users.sourceforge.net
Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:00:50 +0200

Il gio, 2004-10-07 alle 00:41, Major A ha scritto:
> I tried to get the first point done a few times, but it has proved a
> bit difficult with no direct access to a scanner. If anyone could work
> out what needs to be done, I'd be happy to incorporate it into the
> code. Same goes for all other tasks. Since I have an LS4000, I'll
> probably do points 2 and 3 myself.

I may give you ssh access to a linux machine connected to an LS-50. I
may do it only for one week, just send me an ssh public key, a disk
quota requirement, a username, a start date and specify if you need a
color slide or a color/b&W film loaded.

If I might help in any other way, just tell me.