[sane-devel] Re: strange problems LIDE30

Chris McKeever Chris McKeever <techjedi@gmail.com>
Wed, 6 Oct 2004 18:10:12 -0500

well - did some more testing - downgraded the RH 7.3 box to SANE
1.0.13 - same delay in in starting the scan (+2 min. @ 600 DPI).. I
think tried it on a slightly more powerful CPU and had the same
result.  This is leaning me towards that the 2.6 kernel with its
implemenation of LIBUSB works a lot better - I am going to give SuSE
9.1 a shot in a little and see if results are coincide with MANDRAKE
tests earlier

can anyone confirm that LIBUSB implementation would create this type of result?

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004 18:26:14 -0400, Brian K. White <brian@aljex.com> wrote:
> > It's only at about 10 or 15% progress after 20 minutes so I'll send
> still cranking away
> just over 50%
> Now I wish I'd used the time command so I can see just how long this will
> take even if I go out to eat and it finishes while I'm gone. Then we could
> look at the total data and total time and see if it transferred at full usb
> 1.1 speed. Seems like it should be able to go a lot faster than this with 12
> megabit available.
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