[sane-devel] Canon 2700 slide scanner

Oliver Bonten oliver.bonten@nexgo.de
Sun, 17 Oct 2004 10:51:34 +0200


in the sane-devel archives I found a discussion about 3 weeks old between=20
Thomas L=F6scher and Mitsuru Okaniwa about a problem with the Canon 2700 sl=
scanner. The thread seems to be a bit open-ended to me, so I would like to=
know if there has been any resolution for the problem. It seems that I have=
the same problem with my 2700 and sane 1.0.13.=20

I found a work-around which is only a hack and not a solution. I'm using Su=
9.1, which includes sane 1.0.13-73. Before that, I used Suse 8.1, which=20
included sane 1.0.8-47. I didn't have the problem with Suse 8.1. So I =20
re-inserted the source-code from the 1.0.8 version of canon.c at the locati=
where the error occured (function sense_handler()) to canon.c 1.0.13 at the=
corresponding location, with an if ( 1 ) { /* 1.0.8 source code */ } else=20
{ /* 1.0.13 source code */ }. However, this seems to disable some error=20
handling, and I have the feeling that my scanner doesn't execute the auto=20
focus anymore. Either that or my current set of slides is unusually=20
blurred. :-) Sorry, I don't have the source code anymore, because rpmbuild=
doesn't work the way I expected it to work. But I can re-create it if neede=

Would it be safe to re-insert the full 1.0.8 source code for the canon back=
(i.e., all files matching backend/canon*.[ch]) into an otherwise 1.0.13 san=
and recompile? I don't want to go back to an older version of sane because =
also have a flatbed scanner (not canon) which works much better with the=20
newer version of sane.=20