[sane-devel] genesys backend - warming up procedure

Artur Pierscinski artpi@ptic.pl
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 16:01:43 +0200


I have question about warming up procedure in genesys backend (scaner: 
Plustek ST24).

How is proper range of readed values from scaner sensor during warming 
up the lamp procedure?
It seems for me like a 12-bits (sensor), with set other (higher) bit set.
So, calculated average values are about 9600, which in my case
newer pass warming loop exit:

      if (second_average > (110 * 256) && (((double) difference) / 
second_average) < 0.002)
          DBG (DBG_info, "genesys_warmup_lamp: warmup succeeded after %d 

Multiply  second_average by 3 in above condition will satisfied it,
and warming up lamp ends with success.
Is those belongs only to  my scanner or happed on others to?

Artur Pierscinski

e-mail: artpi@ptic.pl