[sane-devel] xsane-0.96 source and win32-binary released

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
06 Sep 2004 23:12:21 +0200


I just released xsane-0.96 source and win32-binary.

You find it on http://www.xsane.org
Please use a mirror for download.

Best regards and much fun


 - fax progress bar does not change it's height any more when the fax 
   dialog is resized

 - mail progress bar does not change it's height any more when the mail
   dialog is resized

 - added lockfile to mail project. The lockfile contains status and 
   progress information from the mail_send_process and is used to
   display a progress_bar

 - mail status is only translated when it is displayed via gtk, in the
   data structures the untranslated texts are used

 - changed mail_attach_image_png to mail_attach_image, mime type is
   defined by parameter

 - added filetype menu to mail dialog with filetypes PNG, JPEG and TIFF

 - bugfix: viewer saves lineart PNM images again as lineart (bug in

 - when image is saved as pnm and it is not reduced to lineart then the
   input file is copied with xsane_copy_file => much faster

 - xsane-save.c: reordered function parameters for saving/conversion
   functions to (outfile, infile,...) or 
   (output_filename, input_filename, ...) (before we had sometimes
   infile at first and sometimes outfile at first)

 - xsane_set_sensitivity: mail_dialog and fax_dialog:
   the sensitivity off all but the progress_bar is set

 - While mail is prepared (images are converted) the xsane sensitivity
   is set to FALSE to make sure that the xsane mode is not changed in
   this case. while sending the mail (after preparation) the xsane
   sensitivity is set to TRUE and the project entry sensitivity is also
   TRUE, it is allowed to changed xsane mode and to change the
   mailproject, because the sending of the mail is done in a separate
   process, so there is no influence by changing the mail project name.
   - Comment:
     When xsane is closed while sending one or more mails then xsane is 
     closed but the mail sending subprocesses are not terminated.
 - added SMTP (HELO/FROM/RCPT/DATA) errors to mail status
 - added xsane.fax_status, it is saved in the first line of the 
   xsane-fax-list this means that the fax project directories are
   incompatible to earlier versions!
 - added mail_status and fax_status = ..._CHANGED when a new page is
   added to the project

 - updated images in documentation

 - updated email modus in documentation

 - email images are named "image-1" instead of "page-1"

 - fax_dialog_delete() and mail_dialog_delete() return TRUE now.
   In windows it was possible to delete the dialogs what caused
   a crash when the window should be used or closed.

 - translations: U=updated, N=not updated
   cs da de es fr hu it ja nl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sr sv tr vi zh
   U  U  U  U  U  N  N  U  U  U  U     U  U  N  N  N  N  U  U  N

 - xsane-preferences.c: when identifier is unknown or not a string then
   the parser does not abort or crash any more.
   XSane now should not have any problems with old config files.