[sane-devel] USBDEVFS_BULK failed errors - Epson Perfection 2400 Photo

David Cook David Cook <davidtcook@gmail.com>
Tue, 7 Sep 2004 00:51:23 +0100

I am having trouble with my Epson Perfection 2400 Photo scanner.
I am running Mandrake 10.0 (kernel 2.6.3), which apparently is the
version which removes the "scanner" kernel module, so all access has
to be through libusb.
I am using the Mandrake 10.0 official packages for sane -
sane-backends-1.0.13-6mdk, sane-frontends-1.0.13-6mdk,
libsane1-1.0.13-6mdk, xsane-0.92-2mdk, and libusb0.1_4-0.1.7-1mdk.

I can see the scanner with sane-find-scanner and "scanimage -L".
When I try to acquire a preview scan with scanimage, either on the
first or second try, I get errors like the following in 
/var/log/messages :

Sep  2 05:30:23 localhost kernel: usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed dev 11
ep 0x81 len 1 ret -75

After this, I can *never* get a successful preview or scan.

I have Googled around for this error and found a few people with the
same problem, however none of the advice I found has been helpful.  I
checked that the scanner device gets correct permissions under
/proc/bus/usb, and I can run sane-find-scanner as root or a normal
user ok.
On this list in June, someone reported a similar problem, but for
them, the scanner would fail at the first attempt to scan, then work
My problem is different - the scanner *sometimes* gets a preview (most
of the time it doesn't even get that far), and it *never* works

I can generate logs with SANE_DEBUG_EPSON set to 128 or 255 and mail
them to the list or put them on my website if that will help in
debugging this.
Also, let me know if more information is required.