[sane-devel] SANE_Handle question

abel deuring adeuring@gmx.net
Sun, 19 Sep 2004 14:19:35 +0200

Paul wrote:
> Hi,
>>>I'm trying to implement using SANE within Scribus and I'm hitting a
>>>small snag. While the majority of the API is really simple to use, I'm
>>>having a problem with what SANE_Handle is.
>>Its great to hear that Scribus will support Sane.
> Still lots to do and a decision as to how much the support will be. Do I
> have it so that the scanner scans the image and then let GIMP deal with
> the rest or have a very basic area select mechanism? I'm happier to send
> things to GIMP, but then I'm lazy ;-p

Well, perhaps that's lazy, but reasonable: why reinvent the wheel ;)

There might be an alternative: XSane or XScanimage as a plugin for 
Scribus, similiary as you can plug these programs into Gimp. This way, 
you don't have to bother with the details of the scanning UI and of the 
Sane API, while you get what Scribus needs: a pixel image. Moreover, 
XSane has many useful features, like automatic gamma correction.