[sane-devel] What Steps to write a backend

Rayudu Addagarla Rayudu Addagarla <rayuduak@gmail.com>
Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:26:25 -0400

 I am starting to write a backend ,
 but wanted to test if by renaming a library of the existing backend
will it work.

i have a hp 2200C scanner;
 This works with a plustek backend

scanimage -d plustek:libusb:001:002 works great.

 scanimage -L
 gives output 'plustek:libusb:001:002 

how does sane/scanimage know which backend to pickup.

if the scanimage depends on the -d option, i should be able to say
scanimage -dray:libusb:001:002
and i have entry ray in dll.conf
and moved plustek.conf to ray.conf
and renamed all libsane-plustek.* to libsane-ray.*

I thought it should pick up and scan.
why would it not do.

if i create my own backend, how ill sane know to check or try using
the backend i made.

say suppose; i create one ray.c and create libsane-ray.la and libsane-ray.so.1
and copy into /usr/local/lib/sane where other backend are there.
and add entry to dll.conf and copy the ray.conf to /usr/local/etc/sane.d/

Will it work?

where does sane look for entries.
what are the paths it looks.