[sane-devel] Scan slow to start on Canon N670U (plustek)

Jon Niehof jon_niehof@yahoo.com
Thu, 7 Apr 2005 17:27:30 -0700 (PDT)

I'm using scanimage in batch mode to scan books (at 300dpi, 8
bit grey) on a Canon N670U (plustek backend, sane-backends
1.0.15). Once the scan starts it's reasonably fast; however, the
scan head spends quite a bit of time (maybe twenty seconds)
futzing about before scanning.

I'm using the option to cache calibration and it doesn't seem to
make much difference. Is the calibration cached to a file that I
need to have write permission for, or just kept in RAM between
scans for a particular process, or something else?

Also, I understand only the coarse calibration data is cached,
and fine calibration is redone for each page; is this correct?
How disastrous is it to skip fine calibration?

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