[sane-devel] experimental genesys backend status update

svoltz@wanadoo.fr svoltz@wanadoo.fr
Sat, 9 Apr 2005 08:15:22 +0200


	I could borrow an hp 2300C. This let me add support for it in the
genesys backend. Here's the status of the version I'v just check-in in CVS:

	The backend has support for 2300c. It can do 75, 150, 300 and 600 dpi, 
8 bits color and gray scans. However, there's a bug in left margin detection that
leads to sligthly incorrect offset calibration, which in turn alter image quality.
Shading calibration also isn't working great. I'm not going to fix it soon since I
had to give the scanner back. But I intend to do it in a couple of weeks after
fixing any bugs that could affect MD6228/MD6471 support.
	I also got enough usb logs to add 2400c support. This scanners is 
really close to the 2300c, so it shouldn't be that hard to add support for it, 
even without physical access to one.